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Driving digital marketing for over 15 years

I am an energetic and experienced leader in digital, social, content and account-based demand generation marketing bringing a fresh approach to leading teams with an open, objective and organized management style to solve problems.

I hold a diverse background in the legal industry, technology, building, automotive, retail, healthcare, hospitality, data science, finance, education, defense and non-profit industries.

Today, I am spearheading the demand generation, account-based digital, and social media marketing and advocacy efforts at global law firm, White & Case LLP.

Prior to leading digital marketing and social media with Samsung’s enterprise division, I lead social media, influencer & content marketing efforts for eBay’s automotive and electronics efforts.

Before eBay, I headed up social media for the Consumer Electronics Association’s “CES” – the world’s largest consumer electronics show.

Before CES, I held a pivotal role as Blog Manager at New Media Strategies, now Meredith (acquired by Accenture), where I oversaw blog strategy, design and content development for the voice of the Chrysler brands Jeep, Dodge & Ram.

My first foray into the social media space began as a blogger and social media specialist for that he conceived, developed and managed over five years targeting Saab owners, enthusiasts & dealers to increase brand awareness and advertising revenue.

My analytical prowess and research-based performance strategies have driven dozens of sustained, successful campaigns and projects to diverse audiences over his career. My success lies in my unrelenting commitment to marrying technology and creativity. I provide a fresh perspective needed to energize and influence audiences, while revitalizing and building momentum for established brands.

I earned a BA from Vermont College where I focused on business, marketing, sustainability and ecological economics. When I am not in the office, I am running, doing hot yoga, playing tennis or skiing.

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I develop audiences, create engagement for relevancy that drives measurable business outcomes.

Identifying who your customers are, where the communities are that they engage in, what conversations they have and why. All of this provides the strategic approach to defining a digital marketing strategy.


Understanding the communities that the users engage in, what the key topics are and who the influencers are, helps us strategically optimize relevancy on each different community as there is no one size fits all approach.


Creating relevancy through content that provides answers to questions, utility, purpose and support empower your users with information and knowledge placing a business as thought leader.


Building relationships with relevancy, proximity and frequency are fundamentals to developing lasting relationship. The marketing metrics used in a digital strategy, measure indicators of the degree of the relationship with each person.


Measuring the development of an audience, the relevancy of engagements with users that drive business outcomes, complete the circle of a digital marketing strategy.


Technology, finance, construction, energy, legal, automotive, retail, healthcare, hospitality, data science, education, defense and non-profit industries

Digital marketing across multiple industries


Delivered results across the customer and buyer decision journey reflecting awareness, engagement and conversions.

Acquiring, developing and growing a relevant audience that aligns with the persona and target customer.


Finding the right conversations that connect the target audience with the solutions in the most authentic and supportive way.


Acquiring users, retaining them and converting them to drive business results.

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